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Sara and Beau | Puyallup WA Photographer

We just love the country and Sara and Beau do too! Christie and I had so much fun looking for just the right spot to capture the feeling of good old country love!  Driving around Puyallup we found an abandoned farm and we knew it would just be perfect.  The day could not have been any more perfect and the rain even held off just in time for us to be heading home! Can’t wait to capture Sara and Beau’s big day on July 13th 2012!!!

Bryce and Allison E-session-22.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-19.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-20.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-18.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-17.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-21.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-23.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-24.jpg



Allison and Bryce | Bellevue WA Photographer

Christie and I met these two for the first time on Saturday and we both knew these two are going to be so fun! Bryce really knows how to make Allison laugh… their personalities fit perfect together! We can not wait to captures their wedding in October of 2012!


Liz and Christie

c49-Bryce and Allison E-session-2.jpgc39-Bryce and Allison E-session-5.jpgc22-Bryce and Allison E-session-3.jpgc50-Bryce and Allison E-session-6.jpgc88-Bryce and Allison E-session-4.jpgc70-Bryce and Allison E-session-9.jpgc20-Bryce and Allison E-session-8.jpgc62-Bryce and Allison E-session-7.jpg

Colin | Duvall WA Photographer

This sweet little guy was so cute and the perfect little model! He has the most beautiful eyes and so much energy! He is all boy and I loved it! I had a wonderful evening with Colin and his mommy!



Colin 2012-8.jpgColin 2012-4.jpgColin 2012.jpgColin 2012-2.jpgColin 2012-3.jpgColin 2012-10.jpgColin 2012-5.jpgColin 2012-9.jpg

Pinterest fun

On a cloudy Saturday morning what else would you be doing but checking out pinterest with your 6 year old daughter?!?! Well YES that is what we were doing and as we continued to check out all the pins we came across this pin with crayon art…. My Olivia wanted so bad to give her kindergarten teacher a gift to show how much she loved her and this was it. We got in the van and drove to Ben Franklin to pick up our supplies, headed home and quickly started on her gift! I was surprised on how cute it turned out!!! Preston my 4 year old also made one for his preschool teacher and he is very proud of it! It really is very simple. All you need in a canvas of any size, a box of crayons and you will need at least 50 so a big box is best 🙂 A hair dryer and a hot glue gun.  Place the crayons where you would like them… we choose the top of the canvas and hot glue them into place.  Put the hair dyer about 6-8 inches from the crayons.  It will take about 3- 5 Min’s before the crayons are hot and ready to melt. Hold the canvas at an angle and let it roll 🙂 We choose vinyl lettering to complete Olivia’s and painted white wood letters for Preston’s. I really don’t think you could mess this up since my 4 and  6 year old did it all but the hot glue gun 🙂 Gotta love pinterest and all the fun and exciting craft ideas!!!! xoxo Liz

Vaughn & Heather-31.jpgVaughn & Heather-30.jpg

Preparing for wedding season

Be careful what you wish for it might just come true!!  On this evening we find ourselves preparing for the busy season ahead and blessings to come.  We are most thankful and certainly feeling humbled.  It is our prayer that through our work we will continue to bless you and capture your life and love.

Much love,

Liz and Christie



Vaughn and Heather | engaged Fall City WA

We had the pleasure of spending last Sunday morning with Heather and Vaughn for their engagement shoot.  Heather was adorable in her cowboy boots and was ready to stomp through overgrown grass, walk through mud near the river, and she even braved swarms of bee’s in the poppy fields.  It was all about getting the shot and she was more than happy to get down and dirty for the cause!  Thank you to both Heather and Vaughn for being such a good sports.  Congrats on your engagement, we’re so excited to be a part of your big day!!  Here are some of our favorite pics from Heather and Vaughn’s shoot.


Liz & Christie



Vaughn & Heather-21.jpgVaughn & Heather-20.jpgVaughn & Heather-19.jpgVaughn & Heather-13.jpgVaughn & Heather-15.jpgVaughn & Heather-18.jpgVaughn & Heather-6.jpgVaughn & Heather-17.jpgVaughn & Heather-11.jpgVaughn & Heather-14.jpgVaughn & Heather-12.jpgVaughn & Heather-3.jpgVaughn & Heather-2.jpgVaughn & Heather-9.jpgVaughn & Heather-4.jpgVaughn & Heather-5.jpgVaughn & Heather-7.jpgVaughn & Heather-8.jpg