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Sara and Beau | Puyallup WA Wedding Photographer

DSC_0003.jpgDSC_0103-2.jpgDSC_0108-2.jpgDSC_0142-2.jpgjuly 13th-25.jpgSara and Beau-316.jpgjuly 13th-36-2-2.jpgc1-DSC_0193.jpgc88-DSC_4584.jpgDSC_0701-2.jpgDSC_4688.jpgDSC_4691-2.jpgjuly 13th-244.jpgDSC_0073-2-2.jpgjuly 13th-18-2.jpgjuly 13th-256-2.jpgjuly 13th-296.jpgjuly 13th-352-2-2.jpgSara and Beau-273.jpg
First, congrats to Sara and Beau on their recent nuptials!  We had such an amazing time at their backyard wedding.  Their families were so warm and welcoming that they made us feel like guests.  The food (yes we had some) was amazing!  Sara’s cousin is a chef in Portland and made his way up to Seattle and cooked up a storm.  It was such an honor to be a part of the Webb’s special day.  Thank you both and many blessings to you and your family.


Liz and Christie


Coming Soon | North Bend WA Maternity Photographer

Miss Paisley Rae is coming soon! When Sara called me and asked if I would take these pictures of course I said YES! This little P is already so loved and it shows. I met Sara and Lyone over 2 years ago when they asked me todo their engagement pictures.  Such a sweet couple and they are so excited for their little Paisley to make them a family of 3!

coming soon-7.jpgcoming soon-12.jpgcoming soon-11.jpgcoming soon-10.jpgcoming soon-13.jpgcoming soon-2.jpgcoming soon-3.jpgcoming soon-4.jpgcoming soon-5.jpgcoming soon-6.jpgcoming soon-8.jpgcoming soon.jpg


Jon and Nataliya | Suquamish WA Wedding Photographer

We just absolutely love this couple! Nataliya is so sweet and gorgeous and Jon is the life of the party.  They did not just become a couple but a family was completed when they said I do! Isabella and Dennis could not be any happier to have their mom so happy and Jon as their Dad! Thank you for allowing us to capture your perfect day!!!

Bryce and Allison E-session-22.jpgNataliya and Jon-6.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-3.jpgNataliya and Jon-7.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-17.jpgNataliya and Jon-8.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-15.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-26.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-12.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-25.jpgNataliya and Jon-5.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-14.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-28.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-24.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-27.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-8.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-6.jpgNataliya and Jon-3.jpgBryce and Allison E-session-29.jpg