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Ray’s Boathouse | Seattle WA Wedding | Glen and Arielle

Arielle and Glen were married at the amazing St Ignatius Chapel on the campus of Seattle University. This little chapel was a photographers dream.  It’s won multiple architectural awards for it’s design and the natural light was amazing!  The reception that followed was a prohibition/20’s themed evening at Ray’s Boat House at Shilshole Bay.  Every last detail of this beautifully planned day were beyond dreamy. Congrats to you Arielle and Glen!  Wishing you many years of happiness and love.


Christie & Liz

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Meridian Valley Country Club | Kent WA Wedding

Nick is an engineer/lawyer/EMT (and maybe a few other things we forgot) and met his bride Lisa in law school.  In their free time they’ve been restoring their house in The Meridian Valley Country Club where they were married.  They are the most down to earth welcoming people you’ll ever meet and we can’t wait to see them again when we shoot one of their friends weddings this summer.  Congrats Nick and Lisa!

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Meridian Valley County Club