Lyndsy and Adrian Engagement | Seattle WA Photographer

These two have quite the love story.  They dated ten years ago and eventually parted ways.  They were re-united two years ago and this time it’s for good.  That’s right he put a ring on it!  I’ve know Lyndsy almost my whole life and I couldn’t be more excited that’s she’s found THE one.  Not only will we be photographing their wedding, I (Christie) will be in the wedding as well.  Talk about double duty!  We are SO, SO excited to see Lyndsy and Adrian tie the knot.  Love you guys.

Lynds-4.jpgLynds-3.jpgLynds-5.jpgLynds-6.jpgLynds-2.jpgLynds.jpgc58-Lynds Adrian-4.jpgc67-Lynds Adrian.jpgc9-Lynds Adrian-2.jpgc92-Lynds Adrian-3.jpg

Christie and Liz


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