Monte Cristo Ballroom – Drew and Alex

This is the second wedding we’ve been a part of for this family.  What fun it was so show up and see so many familiar faces and to see how much the little ones had grown over this last year.  Drew & Alex were a joy to work with from the beginning to the end. Both grooms were so relaxed and to see the support of their friends and loved ones was amazing.  Wishing you much love and happiness on this next part of your journey together.


2015-02-27_0001.jpg2015-02-27_0002 (2).jpg2015-02-27_0002.jpg2015-02-27_0003 (2).jpg2015-02-27_0004.jpg2015-02-27_0005.jpg2015-02-27_0006 (2).jpg2015-02-27_0006 (3).jpg2015-02-27_0006 (4).jpg2015-02-27_0006 (5).jpg2015-02-27_0006 (6).jpg2015-02-27_0006.jpg2015-02-27_0007 (2).jpg2015-02-27_0007 (4).jpg2015-02-27_0007 (6).jpg2015-02-27_0007.jpg2015-02-27_0008 (2).jpg2015-02-27_0008 (3).jpg2015-02-27_0008 (4).jpg2015-02-27_0008.jpg2015-02-27_0009.jpg2015-02-27_0011.jpg


Venue: Monte Cristo Ballroom

Floral: Celebrations 4 you

DJ: OneKnightDJ

Cake: New York Cupcakes

Photography: My Beloved Photography


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