Swiftwater Cellars | Tammy and Josh | Suncadia Roslyn WA Wedding Photographer

A beautiful location + a super cute couple proved to be the ingredients for a wedding to remember. Tammy and Josh were married on April 28th 2012 which also just happened to be Tammy’s 33rd birthday!! Bride and birthday girl you say?!? Let’s celebrate!! The groom made both of their wedding rings from gold he panned himself. So cool and so unique. Many thanks for Lena at Swiftwater Cellars for taking care of us and making our job easier and to Brandon and Michael of Seattle Wedding DJ (seattleweddingdj.org) for keeping the party rockin. This crowd was not shy and the dance floor was full the entire night. Congrats Tammy and Josh we had so much fun capturing your special day!!

c37-tammy and josh wedding.jpgc16-tammy and josh wedding-7.jpgc14-tammy and josh wedding-8.jpgc25-tammy and josh wedding-10.jpgc82-tammy and josh wedding-11.jpgc2-tammy and josh wedding-3.jpgc26-tammy and josh wedding-4.jpgc27-tammy and josh wedding-6.jpgc37-tammy and josh wedding-5.jpgc10-tammy and josh wedding-2.jpgtammy and josh wedding.jpgtammy and josh wedding-18.jpgc88-tammy and josh wedding.jpgtammy and josh wedding-13.jpgtammy and josh wedding-16.jpgtammy and josh wedding-17.jpgtammy and josh wedding-14.jpgtammy and josh wedding-15.jpgtammy and josh wedding-12.jpg


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