Vaughn and Heather | engaged Fall City WA

We had the pleasure of spending last Sunday morning with Heather and Vaughn for their engagement shoot.  Heather was adorable in her cowboy boots and was ready to stomp through overgrown grass, walk through mud near the river, and she even braved swarms of bee’s in the poppy fields.  It was all about getting the shot and she was more than happy to get down and dirty for the cause!  Thank you to both Heather and Vaughn for being such a good sports.  Congrats on your engagement, we’re so excited to be a part of your big day!!  Here are some of our favorite pics from Heather and Vaughn’s shoot.


Liz & Christie



Vaughn & Heather-21.jpgVaughn & Heather-20.jpgVaughn & Heather-19.jpgVaughn & Heather-13.jpgVaughn & Heather-15.jpgVaughn & Heather-18.jpgVaughn & Heather-6.jpgVaughn & Heather-17.jpgVaughn & Heather-11.jpgVaughn & Heather-14.jpgVaughn & Heather-12.jpgVaughn & Heather-3.jpgVaughn & Heather-2.jpgVaughn & Heather-9.jpgVaughn & Heather-4.jpgVaughn & Heather-5.jpgVaughn & Heather-7.jpgVaughn & Heather-8.jpg

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