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On a cloudy Saturday morning what else would you be doing but checking out pinterest with your 6 year old daughter?!?! Well YES that is what we were doing and as we continued to check out all the pins we came across this pin with crayon art…. My Olivia wanted so bad to give her kindergarten teacher a gift to show how much she loved her and this was it. We got in the van and drove to Ben Franklin to pick up our supplies, headed home and quickly started on her gift! I was surprised on how cute it turned out!!! Preston my 4 year old also made one for his preschool teacher and he is very proud of it! It really is very simple. All you need in a canvas of any size, a box of crayons and you will need at least 50 so a big box is best 🙂 A hair dryer and a hot glue gun.  Place the crayons where you would like them… we choose the top of the canvas and hot glue them into place.  Put the hair dyer about 6-8 inches from the crayons.  It will take about 3- 5 Min’s before the crayons are hot and ready to melt. Hold the canvas at an angle and let it roll 🙂 We choose vinyl lettering to complete Olivia’s and painted white wood letters for Preston’s. I really don’t think you could mess this up since my 4 and  6 year old did it all but the hot glue gun 🙂 Gotta love pinterest and all the fun and exciting craft ideas!!!! xoxo Liz

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