Allison and Bryce | Bellevue WA Photographer

Christie and I met these two for the first time on Saturday and we both knew these two are going to be so fun! Bryce really knows how to make Allison laugh… their personalities fit perfect together! We can not wait to captures their wedding in October of 2012!


Liz and Christie

c49-Bryce and Allison E-session-2.jpgc39-Bryce and Allison E-session-5.jpgc22-Bryce and Allison E-session-3.jpgc50-Bryce and Allison E-session-6.jpgc88-Bryce and Allison E-session-4.jpgc70-Bryce and Allison E-session-9.jpgc20-Bryce and Allison E-session-8.jpgc62-Bryce and Allison E-session-7.jpg

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