Cork Flooring: Top 5 Benefits

Ground decoration advances with development of floor concepts. Wood floors to modern-day bamboo floors, floor patterns proceed providing in newer concepts, very nearly relentlessly. Cork floor idea is merely another addition to the list.

However, before one fully likes cork as a ground product, one need certainly to understand what this product cork is and why is it special. Therefore, let’s first explore what the product cork is and wherever it comes from.

Cork is obtained from the bark of the cork oak tree. These cork oak woods are found in the Mediterranean. They originate from many a country. Seven of these are specifically the largest producer and exporter with this tree. These seven countries include Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco and France. Again, Portugal is the largest producer one of them, with over 30% of the world’s cork woods and 70% of the world’s cork production.

Cork bark is constituted of a tiny closed honeycomb cellular design which has gasoline of 90% air. These cells give resiliency or cushion and insulation. There are also about 40 million of the cells per cubic centimeter. Cork is able to be compressed as much as 40% and can also be able to quickly come back to their original shape. That function, particularly, makes cork an extremely special floor material.

Advantages of Cork Flooring:

Here will be the major advantages of cork floor that you get with cork.

Comfort and Softness:

Mobile design of cork traps air inside and this air-trapped design offers an all natural surprise absorbing experience to the floor. It’s extraordinarily helpful for purposes where you stand a lot, such as for example in a kitchen. The softness offers ease for your feet, back and legs.


Cork comes with an unrivalled and organic beauty. Nothing of the floor materials can compete with it regarding their beauty. It is available in many colors. Various floor product suppliers give numerous tile forms and patters as well.

Noise Reduction:

That very cellular cork design which makes a floor comfortable may also minimize noise and vibration. Unlike difficult floor materials like wood, tile, laminate, cork as a floor product is quiet and diminishes influence noise, including the sound of strolling by persons or animals, or dropping on the floor.

Healthy and Secure:

Cork floors are good for health. It’s organic houses which are resilient to bugs and anti-allergic. Suberin is really a waxy material that repels bugs, mites and mold. That waxy material happens naturally in cork, and it is really organic this material should protect cork floors from rotting when wet for an extended time. Added to it, as suberin is fireplace resilient, cork having it naturally doesn’t discharge any harmful off-gassing when it burns. Such organic houses turn the cork floors healthy and secure for children, people, and animals also.

Resilient and Easy-to-maintain:

Toughness is really a powerful function of cork. Cork floors, therefore, have now been used in professional places as well as in public places like churches, a long time before their domestic applications. Cork comes now in different shades, designs and patterns. But, cork is special because of its range and richness.

Rubber is combined with cork to give cork floors a unique texture. Some habits of cork floors appear to appear like plank boards. You will find numerous habits and varied vivid shades of cork floor materials that fit along with your taste and needs.

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